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The SunFire SF120 is the ultimate portable heater providing 120,000 BTUs of infrared radiant heat that can warm objects and people directly. It’s quiet and virtually odorless with zero carbon monoxide emissions for a superior heating experience compared to traditional torpedo-style heaters.

Applications: Automotive, construction, warehouses, agriculture, outdoor events, shops, garages, and many other commercial and industrial heating needs.

120,000 BTUs
Low noise, smokeless and virtually odorless.
Zero CO emissions
Heats up to2,8500 sq. ft.
Wired for optional thermostat use.
Runs on diesel/#2 fuel or kerosene
120V power source required.
Tip Switch included for safety.
14 gallon fuel tank
Up to 16 hour run times
Includes lifting bracket
Compatible with generator or 800W+ pure sine inverter.

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