Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase from a local SunFire Dealer or retailer, or with various online retailers. Find where to buy Here or call (855) 251-1649.

SunFire Heaters will outperform torpedo-style heaters in multiple important categories. They are much more quiet, virtually odorless, and have zero carbon monoxide emissions for indoor commercial applications. This improves the health and performance for you and your employees.

In addition, radiant heat will is more efficient by heating people and objects directly rather than a much less efficient air transfer heating process. Our radiant heaters warm objects just like the sun and offer a breeze free and dustless heating experience. Our heaters are also built right here in the USA.

Yes, but it does require a pure sine wave inverter with a minimum capacity of 800 Watts. This type of inverter is common in many construction and trade vehicles.

No. Our heaters offer a zero carbon monoxide, safe, experience when properly tuned.

Yes. Each unit comes thermostat ready and can run using a standard manual or battery operated wall thermostat. Connecting a thermostat is easy. For more information, review your product manual which can be found HERE.

Note: Do not use a wall thermostat that requires a 120V power source, such as a NEST, as that will damage the internal control primary.

Yes, assuming the generator is in good working order, there is no problem and this is a common application.

If your generator hasn't been used in several months, let if run for approximately 15-20 minutes to build a proper charge in the capacitor before using your SunFire with the generator.

We have a one year bumper to bumper limited warranty on all parts. Contact a local Dealer for support or call our free technical support line M-F 8am-4:30pm at (608) 527-9141.

SunFire Heaters can be serviced by Authorized SunFire Dealers. Find your closest Dealer HERE. Or contact us at (608) 527-9141 or fill out the form on our contact page HERE for direct assistance.

Yes, if you are reasonably handy with tools you should be able to handle needed repairs yourself. Our technical support department is here to help and walk you through any issues you may have. our team is available M-F 8am-4:30pm at (608) 527-9141.

Yes. There are multiple options. The SF150 comes with a standard heated fuel filter as long as it's plugged in.

The heated filter wrap is option on the SF120. However, we do recommend adding some kerosene to your tank and mix at any ratio with your diesel fuel as kerosene has a lower freeze rate.

Parts can be purchased from your local SunFire Dealer or from us directly. Find your local Dealer HERE. Or contact us direct at (608) 527-9141, or email us HERE for assistance.

Both the SF120 and SF80 are capable of running on kerosene. The SF150 has not been rated only for diesel.

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